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M 302 Gas – ESBOvalve ball valve with three-piece body, threaded ends and gas approval

ESBOvalve M 302 Gas is a ball valve with three-piece body, threaded ends and gas approval. It features an ISO 5211 top flange for fitting actuators or similar accessories, is silicone-free and has a blow-off proof stem design.

Approvals: DVGW (DIN-DVGW-NG MOP 16, DVGW-VP 303), TR-certificate of the Russian Federation

Technical data for ESBOvalve ball valve M 302 Gas:

Through-bore 1/4" – 4"
Overall length DIN 3202 M3
Pressure class PN 63
Gas pressure class 16 bar (DIN-DVGW-NG-MOP 16)
Enclosure, end cap, ball 1.4408 (316)
Spindle 1.4401 (316)
Thrust washer, spring washer, nut 1.4301 (304)
O-ring (DVGW-GAS, DIN 3535 Part 3) Viton
Ball seal, sliding ring, packing box, etc. PTFE, TFM 1600 or RTFE
Handle 1.4301 (304), plastic covering
Threaded ends DIN EN 10226-1 (previously DIN 2999-1), NPT or BS
Gas connections DIN EN 10226-1
Actuators Hand lever, electrical or pneumatic actuation (ISO 5211)
Gas type All gases (incl. gases according to DVGW worksheets G260 and G262, VP 303)

Dimensions of ESBOvalve ball valve M 302 Gas:

Size Bore ØD L H I F
1/4" DN 8 11,2 60 32,4 9 F03-F04
3/8" DN 10 12,7 60 32,4 9 F03-F04
1/2" DN 15 15 75 40,5 9 F03-F04
3/4" DN 20 20 80 44,1 11 F04
1" DN 25 25,4 90 44,5 11 F04
1¼" DN 32 31,8 110 49,4 11 F04
1½" DN 40 38,1 120 77 14 F05-F07
2" DN 50 50,8 140 66,5 14 F05-F07

ØD: Bore diameter of the ball
L: Face-to-face length of the ball valve
H: Height from boresight to the top edge of the ISO 5211 top flange
I: Size of the square-end for fitting actuators
F: Hole pattern of the ISO 5211 top flange
All dimensions in millimeters (mm)

The following accessories are available for the ESBOvalve ball valve M 302 Gas:

ESBOdrive: ESBOdrive actuators are available with electric or pneumatic actuation and are single- or double-acting. They are flexible and easy to fit to all ESBOvalve ball valves with ISO 5211 top flange.

Further information

ESBOswitch: The ESBOswitch is a state-of-the-art position sensor which can be used in a wide variety of applications. It features an optical display and is an ideal companion for the ESBOdrive actuating drive.

Further information

ESBOtherm: ESBOtherm is an auxiliary heater for compensating higher heat losses in ball valves. Consisting of a self-contained heating band fitted to a mesh it is easy to service.

Further information

The following files are available for download for the ESBOvalve M 302 Gas ball valve: